European certificate of conformity coc

The European Certificate of Conformity explained.

What is a European Certificate of Conformity.

The European Certificate of Conformity coc is a document that explains why a given vehicle, or a given series of vehicles, with a mention of the presence of the vehicle during the manufacture of this series, conforms to one or more European rules of conformity. These rules being variable in time and impossible to go back in time, the conformity is verified in relation to the existing standards at a given date, which is the date of manufacture of the vehicle. This certificate therefore verifies that the vehicle complies with the standards on that date.


This document will be regularly requested to register your vehicle to be put on the road. This document is valid in European countries. It can also serve you in case of international transport, for the passage in customs exit and entry.

The document is valid in the European countries.

We will explain below more precisely these special cases.

When do I need a European Certificate of Conformity?

Lors de votre demande de carte grise, si votre véhicule est un véhicule d occasion, et qu'il provient d'une autre pays, ce certificat vous sera demandé.

Ce document est valable a minima dans la zone du marché européen, mais aussi dans d'autres pays comme la Suisse, qui ont pris le partit de se fier aux normes Européennes.

Pour un véhicule provenant d'une zone hors UE, il est possible que vous n'obteniez qu'un certificat de non conformité partiel.

What are the equivalents to this certificate?

  • The certificate of identification: This document certifies that the vehicle is compliant in a country of the EU, and therefore not extension it is valid throughout the EU, so you can directly register your vehicle as if it were a coc.
  • The red bar: This document, ancestor of the European certificate of conformity, is a certificate of conformity for a given country or a group of countries. In the same way as for the certificate of identification, this one is sufficient to directly register your vehicle. For example, in France, you can directly obtain your French registration card.
  • The certificate of partial or total conformity: This certificate identifies the parts of the vehicle that are not in conformity and why. It is important to know that this document does not prevent you from registering your vehicle, but that it is not done by right. It will be necessary to pass by an RTI (reception has isolated title) and after control, to make your request of registration.
  • Attestation of conformity : It is another name to call the coc.
  • coc : it is the abbreviation of European Certificate of conformity
  • Attestation d'homologation or certificat d'homologation : this is also another name for the same thing, the European certificate of conformity. The difference is that a certificate of conformity can concern any area of the world (EMEA, USA, etc.) whereas the certificate of conformity only concerns the EU and North Africa (European standards).

How to obtain a European certificate of conformity or a copy?

To obtain the certificate or an equivalent title (see above) , simply choose your brand from the menu or use the search function of the site. If you can't find it, use the contact form or send us an email directly. Select your specific case, then add the product to your cart. Finally finalize your order by entering your postal details.

You will then receive a document from the list above allowing you to obtain your registration certificate.

What to do if it is impossible to get one?

If it is not possible to obtain a document, which is extremely rare (most of the time when the brand does not exist any more), it is still possible to obtain the registration document. You will have to gather as much technical documentation as possible (we can sometimes provide you with some of it). For example in France a vehicle of more than 30 years old can obtain a collection registration card (we provide this service that you will find in other certificates, old vehicles).

How much does the European certificate of conformity cost?

Do you need the homologation documentation for the purpose of registering your vehicle? Here you are on the cheapest service in Europe. Other sites do not allow you to specify your case and therefore warn you of the rate that corresponds to your case, and therefore will often send you an additional amount to pay. With us, if you specify your case well, you will never have to pay anything extra. If you have any doubts, write to us, our documentation team will be happy to answer you.


Our company delivers the certificate in a very short time, because we have large transaction volumes, and therefore have regular flows.

Our organization is approved by the European Union to issue these documents.