Euro conformity

What is Euro conformity ?

Euro-conformity, an European rule of documentary certification.

Euro-conformity is the fact that a vehicle complies with certain European rules. For a document, it is the fact of establishing to what extent a vehicle is compliant by respecting a given reference frame. This standard can vary according to the brand and the country but always respects a basic mandatory scheme and a precise methodology of establishment. The final document allows a vehicle to be registered in a given country.

The date of implementation of Euro conformity.

The Euro conformity of the vehicle was set up around the years 1998 by the European community, each manufacturer and each country having set up it gradually. This mandatory document is issued a first time when leaving the factory. It is linked both to a chassis number but also, to an engine number ( regarding consumption t pollutant emissions ).

The area of validity of the euro conformity

Euroconformity is valid throughout Europe, but also in many countries that use it: Switzerland, Andorra but also North Africa.

We guarantee that our document will be valid in as many regions as possible, so that if your vehicle should travel again in the future, your document will still be valid.

How to comply with the Euro conformity of a vehicle.

You must check the euro conformity of your vehicle if you buy a foreign vehicle. Indeed, an approval number is established for each vehicle. It is necessary to have it for your registration. To register your vehicle you will need this information.

What to do if your vehicle is not euro compliant.

If your vehicle is not euro compliant, then it will take you longer to get your registration certificate. Indeed you will have to go through an additional step of control of your vehicle. The homologation service of the DRIRE or the DREALE will ask you to pass a kind of verification visit (this is called an isolated approval).  IF your vehicle was purchased from a previous owner who was a French company then no problem you will have everything necessary.

Ordering the euroconformite documents what prices and deadlines?

Our company provides the European certificate of conformity at the lowest guaranteed price. This is due to the fact that we have much larger volumes because our dealerships carrying out imports exports of vehicle sufficiently numerous, we are ne ability to have large volumes of work and therefore economies of scale consequent. In addition, the affiliation of our dealerships to certain brands allows us direct access to the computer services of this one.

Our tips for reliable euro compliance.

Euro-certificate ( the site where you are currently) is the recognized and certified European specialist for coc conformity certificates. This document will be required for your application for a vehicle registration document.  Euro certificate delivers the certificate necessary for your registration in all countries of the world, and especially in Europe.


To make your certificate requests, you must first search for your brand in the menu bar, or use the site's search tool. Once your order is validated, our homologation department will quickly issue you a document. Your order is saved in your customer area for 10 years.


Ordering your certificate of conformity on our site therefore guarantees you reliability and security.